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Unformatted text preview: the table structure, and knowledge that rows are reported in the order they appear in the table can make an inference … Inference Direct AMack •  One approach: Obscure query –  Determine who has self reported drug use •  list NAME where SEX='M' ^ DRUGS = '1' •  list NAME where (SEX='M' ^ DRUGS='1') v (SEX!='M' ^ SEX!='F') v (DORM = 'BOGUS') •  Hard for program to determine that addiBonal clauses are bogus •  Could use access control to just not give access to sensiBve aMributes to inappropriate enBBes 27 Indirect Inference AMack •  Work with staBsBcal results –  Sum, count, mean, median •  If you can get a staBsBcal result over a small sample set, your task is easy –  No students in the Business College are receiving financial aid, therefore Carol is not receiving...
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