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Unformatted text preview: Focus here on General DB with staBsBcal funcBons Goal is to provide aggregate data w/o compromising confidenBality of data (and, ideally, privacy) Challenge is to prevent user from gaining individual data through access to staBsBcal funcBons Terminology •  CharacterisBc funcBon C –  Logical formula over aMributes that defines a set –  C = (Sex = Male) ^ ((Major = CS) v (Major = ECE)) •  ^ is AND operator, v is OR operator –  Shorthand, C = (Male)^(CS v ECE) •  Query set X(C) –  Set of rows or records that match C •  StaBsBcal query—produces value calculated over query set –  Count(Male^(CS v ECE)) –  Sum(Male^(CS v ECE), SAT) In pictures In pictures CharacterisBc funcBon : selects rows as funcBon of aMribute values in columns, Ex...
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