Reveal salary of single tolono based employee without

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Unformatted text preview: nt for financial aid is non- zero means someone is geung financial aid •  Bounded results –  Knowledge of high and low values •  Probable value –  Know that 100 people in Eng live at ISR and 40 of them receive financial aid 24 Inference •  Use non- sensiBve data to deduce sensiBve data –  Obscure queries –  Combine staBsBcal results –  Use outside knowledge Example –  Database of audiBng informaBon from business audits •  Useful for research and improving audit pracBce, but …. 25 Inference Channel •  InformaBon transfer path by which unauthorized data is obtained •  Two techniques : (1) analysis of funcBonal dependencies between aMributes within/across tables, (2) merging views with same constraints Example : Two Views •  Note—Cost and Item not in same view, no funcBonal relaBonship •  Views could be constructed with constraint that no query can access both Cost and Item CREATE view V1 as SELECT Availability, Cost FROM Inventory WHERE Department = “hardware” CREATE view V2 as SELECT Item, Department FROM Inventory WHERE Department = “hardware” BUT someone with knowledge of...
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