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Unformatted text preview: grant update(email) on employee_Carol to carol; –  (Or create yet another new view…) 16 DelegaBng Policy Authority •  grant privilege_list on resource to user_list with grant option; •  Allows other users to grant privileges, including “with grant opBon” privileges •  Like “Copy right” from Access Control lecture •  Can grant subset privileges too –  Alice: grant select on table1 to bob with grant option; –  Bob: grant select(column1) on table1 to carol with grant option; 17 SQL revoke Syntax •  revoke privilege_list on resource from user_list; •  What happens when a user is granted access from two different sources, and one is revoked? •  What happens when a “with grant opBon” privilege is revoked? •  RevocaBon with granBng is tricky business… 18 Revoke Example 1 •  Alice gives Read, Update, Insert privileges to Bob for table X •  Carol gives Read, Update privileges to Bob for table X •  Alice revokes Read, Update, Insert privileges fr...
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