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Unformatted text preview: Password help for [email protected] t******[email protected] •  Apple password reset procedure is weak… The Weak Links AppleID requirements •  Apple account email address (guessed from google) •  Name, and billing address on credit card •  Last four digits of credit card number (CCN) Billing address - - - whois on personal website, Last 4 digits of CCN…the tricky bit •  Call Amazon, to add credit card to your account. You need •  Name on account, billing address, email address associated with account •  Amazon codes in new cc you give them (easily bogus). You hang up. •  Call back (get different operator), report lost access to account. –  Amazon asks for Name, billing address, credit card number. Then allows you to PUT NEW EMAIL ADDRESS ON ACCOUNT. Hang up. •  Go to Amazon website, send pwd reset to new email –  Log in, now see last 4 digits of ALL credit cards 'ed to account!!! The Weak Links ACack con'nues… •  Phone call to Apple claiming lost access got temporary password –  ACacker immediately changed password permanently   And trashed iPhone, iPod, Mac contents using “Find My” tool •  ACacker returned to gmail reset, had new password sent to back- up account (the hacked apple account) •  ACacker changed gmail account password •  ACacker logged in to twiCer using gmail creden'als Game over Ivanhoe, Sir Walter ScoC •  Paraphrased: (Wamba gains entry to the castle dressed as a friar) Wamba: Take my disguise and escape, I will stay and die in your place. Cedric: I can’t possibly impersonate a friar, I only speak English. Wamba: If anyone says anything to you, just say “Pax vobiscum.” Cedric: What does that mean? Wamba: I don’t know, but it works like a charm! 12 Basics •  Authen'ca'on: binding of iden'ty to subject –  Iden'ty is that of external en'ty (my iden't...
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