Washington Post Media Appreciation Paper

Washington Post Media Appreciation Paper - The Washington...

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The Washington Post is a major metropolitan newspaper for Washington DC and its metro area. It consists of five regular sections: the A section, Metro, Style, Business, and Home. When combining these five sections into the heavy newspaper we see on the stands, something in the paper can relate to different sorts of individuals who pick up the paper. However, the cover of each section is intentionally covered with attention grabbing stories that are either hard news or catchy quirks that will draw the reader to continue reading beyond the sections’ front page. The front page of the A section of march 29, 2007’s Washington Post is carefully pieced together. Above the fold is a picture of an old man, which goes with the main story, “A Top Honor For Soaring Achievements.” From the upper left down and to the right, the headlines of articles all feature key words that spark peoples’ attention such as “Law & Order,” “Bush,” “Iraq,” and “HIV.” Matters around each of these words in the headlines are very controversial and people want to know more about the topics. The placement of stories is very appealing because the main story is centered below the masthead and is surrounded by five other stories. The Presidential Candidate’s headline makes sense next to the Inaugural Flight’s headline. While the stories aren’t related, words in the headlines make the stories work together next to each other. On the other side of the page are “Bush Derides Iraq War Measure” and “Gunmen Go on Rampage in Iraqi City.” Since the current item on the agenda surrounding President Bush is the war,
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Washington Post Media Appreciation Paper - The Washington...

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