75 the cashier is busy 75 of the time 25 of the time

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Unformatted text preview: shier is idle and not doing any productive work. What are the managerial implications? Can utilization rate be greater than 1? 13 Example: Utilization Rate Raw Material Cook 15 = 75% 20 Assemble Deliver 15 = 67% 22.2 Patties cook in 60 seconds; the stove holds 20 patties. 10 workers; each assembly takes 27 seconds. 15 customers arrive every minute. What are the utilization rates? 14 Utilization Rate & Bottleneck Raw Material Cook Assemble 75% Deliver 67% Which one is the bottleneck? Bottleneck has the highest utilization rate. 15 Flow Time Flow time is the average time a unit stays in the system. Different units may spend different amount time. Flow time is also called throughput time. 16 Flow Time Average time a customer spends in a bank Waiting Customer arrives Processing Service begins Service ends Flow Time Average time a book stays at the Amazon.com warehouse Book arrives Stored Order arrives Picked Flow Time How do we measure Flow Time? Packaged Shipped Measuring Flow Time How long it takes to turn patties into burgers? 1:27 1:54 2:27 2:54 3:27 3:54 Assembly Cooking 10 First 20 10 Second 20 1:00 10 10 10 10 Third 20 2:00 3:00 18 Measuring Flow Time Raw Material Cook Assemble Deliver Cooked Patties Flow...
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