Interval Trees

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Unformatted text preview: t. Selection of • • • • • • Select arbitrarily. Use a red-black tree. Each node stores between 0 and n intervals. At most 2n nodes permissible. So, at most n empty nodes. Tree height is O(log n). Need For Empty Nodes • Deletion from a degree 2 node. 20 10 6 2 15 8 7 40 30 18 25 35 Why Upto 2n Nodes Permissible • When number of nodes > 2n, at least 1 degree 0 or degree 1 node must be empty. • Empty degree 0 and 1 nodes are easily removed. • So, no need to keep them around. • 2n suffices to avoid having to handle empty degree 2 nodes. LL Rotation A B B B’L AR BR After insertion. B’L BR A AR After rotation. • Intervals change only...
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