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Unformatted text preview: c,4 b,6 A Variant—Search • Search for an interval that has an overlap with Q = [l,r] If v.interval and Q overlap, done. Otherwise, if v.leftChild.max >= l search v.leftChild. Otherwise search v.rightChild. f,7 e,4 a,3 d,7 c,4 b,6 A Variant—LL Rotation A B B B’L B’L AR BR After insertion. BR AR After rotation. • Max values changes only for A and B. A.max = max{BR.max, AR.max}. B.max = max{B’L.max, A.max}. A Remaining Rotations • All insert/delete rotations require computing max for O(1) nodes. • O(1) rotations per insert/delete. • Complexity of insert/delete is O(log n)....
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