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Jason Miller October 23 rd , 2007 Ms. Mummert College Basketball vs. the NBA I. INTRODUCTION A. I know many of you are thinking, how is college basketball better than the NBA, when the best players are in the NBA. Listen up, and by the end of this speech you will understand why. By attending a college game, we all can participate in the exciting environment of college basketball. I have been watching basketball for quite sometime, and have been at, both, collegiate level and professional level basketball games. I have come to the conclusion that college basketball, or more in particular, NCAA basketball is much better than the National Basketball Association, also known as the NBA. First, I will tell you what makes basketball such a great sport. After stating the standards that makes basketball such a great sport, I will then go into detail on why college basketball is better than the NBA. II. A. Many things go into making a sport special and stand out from the others in the world. 1. The most important aspect of a sport is that the athletes play for the love of the game, and not for the fame. a. Many times you see basketball players playing for the fame or the money. 2. Another important part of any sport is the competition level. a. In society today, it seems as if competition has risen to a new level. There is competition in everything that goes on. It just happens that in sports that competition is taken to a new level. This is very apparent in basketball. 3. The atmosphere of sports has also risen since the past. a. Fans in recent years have become much more involved in the game of basketball. They have even have been known to affect the outcome of games.
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Persuasive - Jason Miller October 23rd 2007 Ms Mummert...

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