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Robert Shumann - Robert Shumann Early Youth years Born in...

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Unformatted text preview: Robert Shumann Early Youth years Born in Germany on June 8, 1810 Wanted to be a Poet when he grew up His father was a bookseller Father Died in 1826 Went to Leipzig to study law Personal Life Fell in love with his Music Teacher's Daughter They married against he father's wishes They had 8 children They supported each other tremendously Career Highlights founded a music journal, the Neue Zeitschrift fr Musik the latter including Frauenliebe und leben ('A Woman's Love and Life') Dichterliebe ('A Poet's Love') Carnavalone of his most genial and most characteristic Pianoforte on works Influences on future composers and music His piano concerto broke new ground by having all the movements based on transformations of a basic theme. He Changes what being a composer really means He left an array of great music in virtually all the forms then known Schumann's importance was not just in his ability as composer, for he was an important critic as well Sources "Robert Schumann." 5 Dec. 2007. Carolina Classical Connection. 07 Oct. 2007 <> . "Robert Schumann." Karadar Classical Music. Karadar Classical Musical World. 07 Oct. 2007 <>. "Robert Schumann." Sony Music. Sony Music. 07 Oct. 2007 < _r.html>. ...
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