Carleton-Lecture-Animal models stroke and VaD

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Unformatted text preview: e animal is returned to the maze to repeat the task either with same or different arms baited CogniJve assessments in animal models: Barnes maze •  Circular surface with 18 to 20 hole with visual cues •  The surface is brightly lit and the animal tries to find an escape box hidden under one of the holes •  With Jme the animal learns the locaJon of the escape box and take less Jme finding it Stroke therapies: tPA •  Currently the most effecJve approved treatment for acute stroke is Jssue plasminogen acJvator (tPA) i.e AcJvase (alteplase) •  tPA is a naturally occuring serine protease found in the brain. •  It breakdown blood clots (fibrinolysis), “clot buster” •  It can only be used within 3.5 hours from the onset of stroke •  Contraindicated for hemorrhagic stroke or paJents with hypertension •  IneffecJve against large clots Stroke therapies: surgical intervenJons •  Endovascular surgery •  Remove large clots •  Repair damaged vessels •  When the use of tPA is contraindicated •  FDA approved revascularizaJon systems •  MERCI Retrieval System •  Penumbra System Stroke therapies: surgical intervenJons MERCI Retrieval System •  FDA...
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