Carleton-Lecture-Animal models stroke and VaD

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Unformatted text preview: mimic human strokes (majority of stroke are thromboembolic in nature i.e vessel occlusion caused by blot clot originaJng from elsewhere in the body) •  Model produces variable results Focal ischemic model: Photothrombosis •  Non- invasive focal ischemia model •  PhotoacJve dye (rose Bengal or erythrosine B) is injected intraperitoneally •  Followed by light illuminaJon by cold light source of the region of interest •  Dye is acJvated and produces singlet oxygen •  This results in damage to component of endothelial cell membrane, platelet aggregaJon and thrombi formaJon and interrupJon of local blood flow •  Can be used to produce focal lesion anywhere in cortex Focal ischemic model: Photothrombosis Labat- gest and Tomasi et al., 2013 JoVE Focal ischemic model: Photothrombosis 7 days aher PT 30 days aher PT Produces small corJcal infarct that can be evaluated by histological staining Labat- gest and Tomasi et al., 2013 JoVE Hemorrhagic stroke models:ICH •  Two general method of inducing intracerebral hemorrhage •  InjecJon of autologous blood •  InjecJon of bacterial collagenase –  Enzymes that break down the naJve collagen that holds animal Jssue together –  Disrupts the basal lamina of blood vessels and causes blood to leak into surrounding Jssue. Hemorrhagic stroke models:ICH Human Coronal secJon of mouse brain 15 minutes aher ICH surgery. Immediately aher sacrifice the brain was inspected for ICH success based on gross inspecJon of a coronal secJon at the needle inserJon site. Hemorrhagic stroke models:ICH Histological manifestaJon of the hematoma. RepresentaJve hematoxylin and eosin (H&E) stained coronal cryosecJon (10 μm) of a mouse brain, illustraJ...
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