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2002 jcbfm ischemic stroke models focal ischemia focal

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Unformatted text preview: ing the major cerebral vessels Cerebral vessels were visualized by perfusing mice with 2% Evans blue soluJon in latex. A. Normal blood supply to the cortex and brain stem via intact cerebral vessels. B. LigaJon of the right CCA results in a decrease in blood supply to the ipsilateral hemisphere with the compensatory blood supply from the contralateral hemisphere and the vertebral arteries via the intact Willis circle. C. LigaJon of both CCAs results in collateral blood supply to the cortex and brain stem via intact vertebral arteries. D. LigaJon of both CCAs and coagulaJon of the vertebral arteries result in a drasJc decrease in blood supply to the cortex and brain stem. Chen et al, (2012) J. Exp Stroke Transl Med. Global Ischemia:Tissue damage Non- Ischemia Ischemia Neuronal death in hippocampal CA1 region occurs in a delayed manner Wang et al. 2002, JCBFM Ischemic stroke models: Focal ischemia •  Focal ischemia involves the transient or permanent occlusion of local blood flow in a specific region of the brain •  Most ohen produced by vessel occlusion, usually the middle cerebral artery (MCA) •  Focal ischemia can also be produced by other means such as photothrombosis, thrombi injecJon or applicaJon of endothelin- 1 •  Unlike global ischemia only region supplied by the occluded vessel becomes ischemic Focal ischemic model: MCAO •  Produced by surgically inserJng coated or uncoated monofilament into the internal caroJd artery •  The monofilament is advanced unJl it blocks the middle cerebral artery (MCA) •  Produces damage in the MCA territory (frontoparietal cortex and lateral caudoputamen) •  Approximates human hemispheric infarcJon •  Severity of insult depends on occ...
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