Carleton-Lecture-Animal models stroke and VaD


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Unformatted text preview: e. Ihara and Tomimoto (2011), J. Aging Research White maQer changes aher BCAS Sham- operated BCAS BCAS- operated mouse using microcoils with 0.18 mm diameter for 30 days. Note that the WM changes are the most intense in the medial part of the corpus callosum adjacent to the lateral ventricle (arrows). Ihara and Tomimoto (2011), J. Aging Research Vascular DemenJa Symptoms •  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  Slowed thinking Depression, irritability Loss of social skills Confusion Memory loss Dizziness Muscle weakness Reduced language ability Learn and memory assessment in animal models: Morris water maze (MWM) test Learning and memory assessment in animal models: Morris water maze (MWM) test Performance in the Morris water maze at 16 weeks post surgery (mean±s.e.m.), validaJng the 2- vessel occlusion (2- VO) model of vascular demenJa. (A) Animals exposed to the 2- VO exhibited significant learning impairments (*P<0.05) manifested by longer latencies to locate the hidden plaXorm than sham animals during acquisiJon. (B) AddiJonally, animals exposed to 2- VO spent significantly less Jme in the target quadrant during the probe test, thus indicaJng a significant memory impairment (*P<0.05). Langdon et al., 2013 JCBFM Learning and memory assessment in animal 4VO model: Morris water maze (MWM) test •  Animals subjected to 10 minutes 4VO show impairment in learning and memory Wang et al. 2002, JCBFM CogniJve assessments in animal models: Radial Arm maze •  Animal is placed in the center of an eight- arm radial maze •  Four of the arms are randomly baited with food pellets •  The animal is given the opportunity to collect all available food pellet •  Aher a delayed period of Jme th...
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