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lady macbeth - happen, he would let fate run its course. He...

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Brittani Chirichella ENG101-003 Spring 2008 Hartzell Major Assignment #1: Topic Proposal Topic: Lady Macbeth’s role in emphasizing Macbeth’s tragic flaw and influencing his lust for power. Tentative Thesis Statement: Macbeth is said to have many influences persuading him to kill Duncan and pursue the throne. Along with the primary influences of the three witches and Macbeth’s tragic flaw of ambition and motivation for power is Lady Macbeth. Some literary criticisms will say that she is strong-willed and her desire for power is a mere motivation, as other scholarly articles will say that she is weak-minded, and conforms too easily to evil. I will be comparing these articles on Lady Macbeth’s character and her role in Macbeth’s decision to kill Duncan. Proposal: When Macbeth first meets the three witches only to find that their prediction was true, he is consumed with the thoughts of becoming King. He considers that if it was meant to
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Unformatted text preview: happen, he would let fate run its course. He still however, has reservations and thoughts of taking his own action. He sends a letter to Lady Macbeth concerning the news of battle and the three witches predictions. As some critics would say, if he was on his way to see her that night, the only reason for him to send a letter to her in advance would be to give her time to make a decision and be able to convince him of what he should do. Macbeth knew that she is naturally evil and would convince him to take his own action by killing the King. Critics who think Lady Macbeth is weak-minded would say that Macbeth wanted her to help him make a decision, and she had just become drunk with power by reading his letter. She is easily persuaded and possessed with excessive ambition. Preliminary Bibliography: Macbeth (play)...
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lady macbeth - happen, he would let fate run its course. He...

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