5 the ames housing dataset bavg bavg avrg aavg good

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Unformatted text preview: ition (categorical with 5 levels: Poor, Fair, Average, Good and Excllnt) Bsmt.Qual Basement quality (categorical with 5 levels: Poor, Fair, Average, Good and Excllnt) Bsmt.Cond Basement condition (categorical with 5 levels: Poor, Fair, Average, Good and Excllnt) Bsmt.Exposure Refers to walkout or garden-level basement walls BsmtFinType.1 Quality of finished basement area (categorical with 5 levels: LowQual, Ave Rec, BAvgRec, AvtLQtr and GoodLvQ) BsmtFin.SF.1 Finished square footage of the basement 10 Total.Bsmt.SF Total basement in square feet HeatingQC Heating quality and control (categorical with levels: Poor, Fair, Average, AbvAvg and Good) X1st.Flr.SF The total square feet of the first floor X2nd.Flr.SF The total square feet of the second floor Gr.Liv.Area Ground living area X.Full.Bath Number of full bathrooms X.2.Fixt.Bath Number of half bathrooms X.Bedroom Number of bedrooms X.Kitchen Number of kitchens KitchenQual Quality of kitchen (categorical with five levels: Poor, Fair, Average, AbvAvg and Good) TotRmsAbvGrd Total rooms that are above ground X.Fireplaces Number of fireplaces FireplaceQu Quality of fireplaces (categorical with six levels: Poor, Fair, Average, AbvAvg, Good, and None) Garage.Cars Number of cars that can park in the garage Garage.Area Total area of the garage Garage.Qual Quality of garage Lot.Area Land.Rating 12 12 12 Numeric variables - summary 12 To get an idea of the values some of the variables in this dataset take on, summary statistics for a selection of the numerical and ordinal variables in the dataset are shown in Tables 2 and 3, respectively. The most interesting variable in the dataset, perhaps, is sale price, which ranges from $40,000 to $615,000, and has a median of $159,000. In Table 3 it appears the majority of homes have around average or good overall The presence of ordinal data somewhat complicates our goal of using cluster analysis, as this can only be quality and condition. done with numeric variables. Luckily, the majority of the ordinal variables were me...
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