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9 eg tips 1 9 9 case study classifying australian

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Unformatted text preview: ecting it, and the major question to be analyzed. This tipping data is a great start for a data analysis course because it is clearly a pilot study. There is no temptation to make inference from the data, and emphasis should be on poking around the data to formulate hypotheses, that might be used to design a later study. Tips are also something that we all confront in our daily life, so we can relate to the data, and use personal experience to digest some of the findings. 9 Dianne Cook, Statistics Department, Iowa State University 1 Eg Description Tips Food server’s tips in restaurants may be influenced by many factors including the nature of the restaurant, size of the party, table locations in the restaurant, ... To make appropriate assignments (which tables the food server waits on) for the food servers, restaurant managers need to know what these factors are. For the sake of staff morale they must avoid either the substance or appearance of unfair treatment of the food servers, for whom tips are a major component of pay. In one restaurant, a food server recorded the following data on all customers they had served during a interval of two and a half months in early 1990. The restaurant, located in a suburban shopping mall, was one of a national chain and served a varied menu. In observance of local law the restaurant offered seating in a non-smoking sections to patrons who requested it. The data was assigned to those days and during those times when the food server was routinely assigned to work. The data available are: TOTBILL TIP SEX SMOKER DAY TIME SIZE Total bill, including tax, in dollars Tip in dollars Sex of person paying bill (M, F) Smoker in party? (No, Yes) Thu, Fri, Sat, Sun Day, Night Size of the party The major question to be answered is “What factors affect the tip rate?” The start of a case study needs a title, author, and a description of the data which gives the source, list of variables, reasons for collecting it, and the major question to b...
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