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Unformatted text preview: minations. These groups are distinguished from each other by their numbers of long lines. 2)3C%$. Groups 4, 5, 6, and 7 contain symbols with two terminations. These groups are distinguished from each other by their orientations. This agrees with the results of Beck (1972). $1"0(P*=&0)*02(Z)"=&'&#<(*F(),"##$%5'*#( Group 8 is the only symbol with long diagonal )<1=*')2(4##5-[[)#"#M,*15+#&[email protected]*%J[ lines. The X was easily distinguished from all other symbols. ily discriminable from all symbols except each other. Group 9 containstable below, theprominent vertical and 0$T)'$##$%["%,4&[email protected]#1'2(N*'(6XU6V2([email protected](QexAs shown in the symbols with ten groups can be horizontal lines. Testing within this group, Julesz and plained by differences in their preattentive properties. Bergen (1983) found a preattentive difference. Testing Gp with otherSym. asCrs. here, however,Orient. groups done Tm. Lines the symbols >3 (deg.) in this group are distinct. px. Group 10 is not clearly distinguished by crossings, ter1 0 0 0 0,90,45,135 minations, lengths, or orientations. It may be distin2 0 0 1 0 guished by intensity, which is also a preattentive prop3 0 0 2,4 0,90 erty (Healey, Booth, and Enns, 1996). At these small 4 0 2 2 90 sizes, short lines close together may be perceived as 5 0 2 2 0 dense blobs rather than independent lines. 6 0 2 2 60,120 Confirmatory Test 0 7 2 2 30,150 8 1 4 2 45,135 Exploratory tests examined only two symbols at a time. 0,1 To9confirm these results for3,4 1,2 two categories, more than 0,90 a new symbol set was chosen using seven popular sym10 0,1 4,6 1,2,4 0,30,90,150 bols from the discriminable groups. The new symbol set was compared against a traditional set of seven symbols found in popular products. It is reasonable to assume orientation has greater impact for 12 longerStatisticalso for simplicity this table shows Vol.14 No.1 lines, Computing & Statistical Graphics Newsletter only lines longer than three pixels. As...
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