InClassExercise09 - CS112 In-class Exercise 9(improved Grab the BlueJ project myclock from public Yuen(CS\cs112BlueJ in the lab When reading the

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CS112: In-class Exercise 9 (improved) Grab the BlueJ project myclock from public \ Yuen(CS) \cs112BlueJ in the lab. When reading the following, pay attention to which class is being discussed. 1. Modify the ClockDisplay class by adding a new method called displayAMPM() which will display the time in 12 hour format. This will necessitate adding new methods to NumberDisplay class. Add a new method displayHour12() to the NumberDisplay class that will display its internal number n as if it is an hour number in 12 hour format. This means a 0 will be displayed as a 12, any number from 1 to 12 is displayed as itself, and any other number will have 12 subtracted from it. Use a temporary local variable, say x . Make an if-elseif- else statement that computes x based on n . Then print x to the Terminal Window analogous to the printing that was done in the regular display() method. Add a new method displayAMorPM() to the NumberDisplay class that will display the letters “AM” or “PM” treating the internal number as an hour in 12 hour format. Namely, if the internal number is from 0 to 11, then “AM” is printed, else “PM” is
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