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InClassExercise23 - CS112 In-class Exercise 23 Extracting...

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CS112: In-class Exercise 23 Extracting words from a sentence and characters from a word 0 . Review of the split method. The split method when applied to a string... someString .split( pattern ) will return a String[] object (a true array of String). Here someString is either a String variable or String literal or any String expression. Here the string pattern is a string that gives the pattern of how to break up the string. One type of pattern is to use square brackets to enclose characters that separate words. For example, if we only want spaces to separate words, then can do… someString .split("[ ]") The result must be saved into a String[] variable. For example, String[] wordArray; wordArray = someString .split("[ ]"); 1. Copy the InClass23 folder from the usual locations. 2. Open the project using BlueJ. 3. Note that the Algorithms class is functional (although you do not have the source file). That is, you can use the linearSearch and binarySearch methods from this class.
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