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BIO 102 Lecture 11 Notes

Late pr ometaphase microtubules start pr obing the

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Unformatted text preview: envelope) C. Late pr ometaphase (microtubules start pr obing the side of the cytoplasm looking for chromosomes D. Metaphase (captured chromosomes line up) E. Anaphase: (digests glue that holds chromosomes together) F. T elophase: (division starts occurr ing) Cell cycle overview: Interphase: chromosome replication centr osome separation and the assembly of the mitotic spindle happens all through interphase until metaphase Prophase Plus end tetrameric kinesins between over lapping polar Mts push things apart Dynein associated w ith plasma membrane can contribute to pole separation Promet aphase Early pr o metaphase: nuclear envelope disassembles, microtubules gr ow and shrink in aster, kinetochor e captures microtubule Late prometaphase: chr omosome sildes rapidly poleward, microtubule fr om opposite pole is captured by sister kinetochore, chromosome attached to both poles congresses to middle of spindle Mtaphase chr omosome was stained with an antibody to a kinetochor e component -MT s...
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