BIO 102 Lecture 11 Notes

Remove membrane w ith non ionic detergent 2 s ubject

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Unformatted text preview: xoneme: 1. Remove membrane w ith non ionic detergent 2. S ubject axoneme to mild prteolytic treatment to r emove Nexin links 3. Added ATP Cytoplasmic dynein dr ives minus end directed movement of organelles Examples of cytoplasmic dyne in dr iven or ganelle movements: RER --> Golgi; Inw ar d movement of lysosomes Also, bidirectional organelle movements on a single MT Domain str ucture of kinesin: N-terminal motor/head, neck, tail/stalk and C-ter minal light chains (coiled coil; head, etc) Many kinesins ar e processiv e motors;taking many steps along the MT before defusing aw ay from the MT (a single kinesin molecule/organelle may be sufficient fo...
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