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BIO 102 Lecture 11 Notes

Kinetochores exhibit reduced dynamic instability as

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Unformatted text preview: captured by kinetochores exhibit reduced dynamic instability As bipolarity attached chromosomes move towards metaphase, attached kinetochor e MTs must coordinately grow and shr ink via subunit loss/addition at attached plus ends -Kinesins attached to kinetochor es are mor e stable Congression tow ar ds metaphase plate requir es coor dinated grow th and disassembly of opposing kinetochor e Mts as chromosomes oscillate between Met aphase chromosome oscillations continue until there's a balance of force on both chromatids; w hen the balance is achieved for all chr omes, metaphase is complete and anaphase begins Or ganization of the metaphase mitotic spindle: there ar e 3 functionally distinct classes of Mts; astral, kinetochore, and over lap MT s A naphase Anaphase A: kinetochore MTs shor ten via motor catalyzed loss of tubulin from attached plus end -MT disassembly may be necessary and sufficient for chromosome movement to the pole -Anaphase B: as poles separate during anaphase, inter digitating polar MTs continue to elongate Telophase Cy t okinesis: new membrane inserted, mid body for ms -nuclear substructures reform if acto-myosin contr actile r ing forms at a differ ent point, the cleavage fur row for ms at a different point...
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