BIO 102 Unit 4 Part 1_ Cytoskeleton Notes

In cytoskeleton rich r egions size limit was even

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Unformatted text preview: free solution. In cytoskeleton-rich r egions, size limit was even smaller. significance: cytoskeleton mediates transport of vesicles from ER to Golgi Major Fibr ous Polymers of the Cytoplasm: * microtubules (24 nm diameter): composed of polymerized alpha-beta tubulin dimer s and associated binding proteins * intermediate filaments (10 nm diameter ) polymerized IF subunits and associated binding pr oteins * actin/micr ofilaments (7 nm diameter) polymer ized globular (G)-actin and associated binding proteins * actin filaments and Mts are polarized polymer s; Ifs ar e apolar * actin/MT polarity is a cr itical pr operty w ith respect to functions for these polymer s both with r espect to assembly/disassembly driven processes and molecular motor dependent pr ocesses Intermediate filaments cour se out fr om surface Microtubules extend out fr om a perinuclear MT or ganizing center : the centr osome Epithelial cells: actin filaments Mixed polarity "contractile" r ing of fi...
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