BIO 102 Unit 4 Part 1_ Cytoskeleton Notes

Bundles mts break aw ay from centrosome and ar e

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Unformatted text preview: laments Unipolar actin bundles Mts break aw ay from centrosome and ar e oriented along long axis of cell with minus ends pointed apically 10 Functions of the cytoskeleton: structur al support cell division anchoring organelles motor dr iven or ganelle tr anspor t transcription cell motility flexing/contr actility membr ane tethering mechanical sensing cell communication signal transduction Modes of Regulat ing Cy t oskelet al Funct ions -changes in cytosolic [Ca+2] -changes in cytosolic [H+] -phosphorylation/dephosphor ylation -pr oteolys...
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