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BIO 102 Unit 4 Part 1_ Cytoskeleton Notes

G pi lipids tension all of the above can lead to long

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Unformatted text preview: is -lipid binding (e.g. PI lipids) -tension -all of the above can lead to long term changes in gene expression Plasma membr ane and ER calcium pumps eject Ca ions from cytosol. Regulated Ca channels allow transient increases in cytosolic Ca+2 w hen it binds to calcium, it undergoes a conformational change Calcium and Regulat ion of t he Cy t oskelet on: --conformational changes of cytoskeletal proteins induced by Ca+2 binding/dissociation --conformational/activity changes induced by binding/release of ap-calmodulin or Ca+2 calmodulin --Ca+2 activation/inactivation Actin-based cytoskeleton: overview of functions actin filament structur e; actin assembly kinetics classes of actin binding proteins myosin II and contr action of skeletal muscle, purse string contr action of cytokinetic contractile r ing/cleavage furrow overview of myosin super family Negat iv e St ain TEM 1. Apply sample to coated EM gr id 2. Wick dry 3. Add a drop of heavy metal solution (uranyl acetate) 4. Incubate with stain for short time 5. Wick dry 6. View in TEM Examples will highlight funct ions for act in filament s --in generation of cellular str uctures --in serving as tr acks for movement of organelles etc. ^...
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