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BIO 102 Unit 4 Part 2_ Cytoskeleton Notes

As these branches gr ow the membrane is pushed forw

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Unformatted text preview: initiating grow th/elongation of a new filament br anch. As these branches gr ow , the membrane is pushed forw ar d F, G, H: capping protein terminated elongation (prevents either addition or loss) * G: aging of the filament… ages as it goes dow n, gets more ADP-pi, coifilin comes in and selectively br eaks it up.. at a cer tain point you're pr etty much all ADP. * H: cofilin has an active state and an inactive state J: pr ofilin catalyzes exchange of ADP for ATP For the series of questions: 1. 2. if you can't sever, you r un out of ATP 3. Increased expression until you shut it down 4. overexpr essing a plus end capping protein? forw ard movement w ill either slow significantly or stop Classes of act in binding prot eins: 1. Proteins that cross link actin into loosely order ed networks 2. Proteins that cross link filaments into unipolar bundles Bundles can act as a single "architectur al unit' and can be moved, pulled on by myosin's 3. Binding proteins that cross link actin into bundles of mixed polarity: these bundles often contain myosin II bipolar filaments which can induce bundle contraction - can essentially build muscle n C: proteins t...
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