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BIO 102 Unit 4 Part 2_ Cytoskeleton Notes

Minus end capping proteins eg tropomodulin arp2 3

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Unformatted text preview: ar e activated by Ca+2 4. minus end capping proteins: e.g. tropomodulin; ARP2, 3 complex * ARP 2, 3, complex binds to the side of existing "mother" actin filaments and nucleates gr ow th of a side-bound, minus-end capped actin filament 5. formins: for mins promote monomer addition at the gr ow ing plus end of the actin filament -formin w hiskers have one or more binding sites for profiling or profiling bound actin-monomer. actin filament is always under neath (bucket hat demo?) 6. actin filament severing proteins: bind to sides of filaments then sever , leaving newly for med plus end capped 7. cofilin: binds to ADP-containing subunits and pr omotes filament severing/disassembly at the "old" ADP subunit containing end 8. Filament stabilizing pr oteins that block action of severing proteins (tropomyosin) What type of secondar y structur e w ould you predict tropomyosin? * coil coil for ming alpha helix {Pictur e/diagram br eakdow n A. Pool of ATP-actin bound to profilin: profiling can't add onto minus end… will diffuse and add onto the plus side B, C, D, E: ARP2/3 complex is activated to bind to the sides of a "mother filament"...
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