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BIO 102 Lecture 10 Notes

take it apart and see how it comes back together

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Unformatted text preview: -take it apart and see how it comes back together Gamma tubulin r ing complexes associate w ith the minus ends of Mts and play a critical role in nucleation. Finite number of ring complexes that serve as nucleating sites MT polymer ization is an entropy driven reaction favor ed by elevated temperature. What's missing on the left side of this dr aw ing? Water because it's going fr om disorder ed to or dered; where does ener gy go? Condit ions t hat promot e MT assembly ? -physioogical salt conditions -low Ca+2 -GTP -physiological temper ature If 30 uM, nucleation w ill be shorter, elongation w ill occur faster, equilibrium w ill be 10 uM higher for 15 uM, longer nucleation, more diagonal slope, 10 uM less (equib at 5 uM) for 10 uM, straight line With microtubules, plus end grows much faster than at the minus end D. Key Feat ures of MT/ act in A ssembly ; Lag in hy droly sis of bound nucleot ide, t he basis for MT dy namic inst abilit y grow ing MT : pointed edge the loss of the GT P cap: looks like a jesters hat, spew ing why is it growing so much slower? actin proteins stabilizing it Cell cycle dependent changes in MT dynamics: FRAP analysis of MT dynamics in interphase vs. M phase cells a) inject cell...
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