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BIO 102 Lecture 10 Notes

Molecule of exchangeable gtpgp the beta subunit is or

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Unformatted text preview: 1 molecule of exchangeable GTP/GP -the beta subunit is or iented tow ar d the + end of the MT. T he alpha subunit oriented tow ards the - end. How would you show that the str ong subunit bonding is in the pr otofilament and not a spir al helical subunit subunit inter action: take it apar t: fall apar t like strands or do they unravel? Microt ubules part 2: MT assembly dy namics in v iv o and in v it ro Microtubules: G1 phase, S phase (DNA r eplication/centriole duplication); G2 phase, M phase Gamma tubulin-containing cent rosome mat rix/cloud What is the evidence that it's the matr ix and not centrioles that are critical for MT nucleation? Plant cells don't have centrioles How would you experimentally determine or demonstrate that the centrosome serves as a MT organizing/nucleation site - r ather than a capture site for pr eassembled Mts?...
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