BIO 102 Lecture 9 Notes

4 warm cells to 37 degrees and quantify at various

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Unformatted text preview: 4. Warm cells to 37 degrees and quantify at various times after w arming surface bound [pulse chase] LDL has protein component, lipid component [Why is there a gr adual increase in TCA soluble 125I and a gradual decrease in T CA insoluble (hep r esistant 125I)?] Digestion of TCA insoluble --> TCA soluble [What exper iment would demonstrate that the residual LDL surface binding at 30-120 minutes is specific or non-specific?] --you can put in non-labeled LDL and it stays the same, it means that it's nonspecific --if you put in non-labeled LDL and it all becomes 0, that means it's specific Made ferr itin labeled LDL (little black dots) -- demonstrates that LDL is internalized Classes of LDL Receptr Mutations leading to familial cholester olemia: 1....
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