BIO 102 Lecture 9 Notes

Null mutation no ldl surface binding no

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Unformatted text preview: Null mutation: no LDL surface binding, no internalization 2. Mutated ligand binding domain; no LDL binding or internalization receptor localizes to coated pits; cycles thr ough endosome--> cell surface 3. T runcated cytoplasmic domain: Cell surface binding of LDL; no internalization 4. S top codon mutation befor e transmembr ane domain: no binding no inter nalization; receptor is secreted/degr aded 5. Ty rosine- - > Xmut at ion in cy t oplasmic domain; normal surface binding; no recruit ment t o coat ed pit s; no int ernalizat ion (truncated, missing tyr osine altogether. 3 is truncated also but missing a ledge altogether) ^ Draw w hat each curve would look like...
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