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Stationary positioning of the particle purpose of

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Unformatted text preview: refer to stationary positioning of the particle purpose of analy sis: to ex am ine track of particle m ov em ent relativ e to direction of cell migration track @ top right: likely that cell changed directions; therefore particle direction also changed… what were they interested in m easuring? mov em ent of particle relativ e to mov em ent of cell Figure 3: x -ax is: minutes; y -ax is: m icrons of mov em ent (also shows directionality ) top plot: cell mv mt; bottom plot: particle m ov em ent particle data is more meaningful when looking in comparison to cell m ov em ent and leading edge mov em ent (also speed of particle correlated with am t of ruffling) [cell oscillates; particle is constant) Figure 4: W hat kind of im age? transm ission election m icroscopy (shows particle on dorsal surface of the cell) How was specimen prepared? slides used for other imaging ex perim ents fix ed with O smium and coated with Epon (for plastic em bedding for EM) and then baked. Hcl was probably used to rem ov ed glass slide underneath cells, which would release the plastic embedded cells for sectioning/staining W hy moly bdenum ? two ty pes of particles behav ed sim ilarly ; needed to use heav y metal moly bdenum particles for v isualization by EM...
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