BIO 102 Discussion Paper 2 (Frye and Edidin) Notes

Used fluorescent tagging of antibodies against

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Unformatted text preview: d fluorescent tagging of antibodies against specific antigens (is this mouse cell surface or is this human?) -fluor escent micr oscopy Why mouse and human? Need to be able to distinguish antigens after fusion, or the data would be misleading Could you only use human cells? Yes, you could make antibodies against two proteins expressed in distinct cell types (but their way was better) How did t hey make t heir primary ant ibodies? -Making mouse antibody (inject w ith antigen and isolate the antibodies pr oduced) -injected H-2d mice w ith H-2k cells (it'll be anti H-2k; fairly specific antibody) -What is alloantiserum? -antib...
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