BIO 102 Discussion Paper 2 (Frye and Edidin) Notes

Antibody marker coupled antibodies dir ected against

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Unformatted text preview: : marker-coupled antibodies dir ected against rabbit antibodies (antibody against the antibody) Why make stable hybrid lines? -Positive contr ol -Gr een = mouse; r ed = human What is "ring r eaction"? -looks like a ring w hen you focus on cell equator M1/2-H1/2 = heterokaryon M1/2-H1 or M1-H1/2 M1-H1 = mosaics What other types of cells would they see? Parental (unfused); homokaryons; br oken cells (selection w ould theoretically prevent this from happening) Did not fix cells prior to staining/imaging; which could be problematic for imaging 4 theor ies: (look on paper ) 1) 2) 3) 4) stop cell from pr oducing antigens stop ATP primary hypothesis stop ATP preventing protein synthesis still produced many mosaics, inhibited AT P and didn't find any change in mosaic for mation impact: lowering temp...
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