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Chapter 1- MGT

Chapter 1- MGT - Chapter 1 Organizational Behavior and...

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Chapter 1: Organizational Behavior and Foundation Competencies Competency - is an interrelate set of abilities, behaviors, attitudes, and knowledge needed by an individual to be effective in professional and managerial positions. 7 core of competencies: 1) Self 2) Communication 3) Diversity 4) Ethics 5) Across cultures 6) Teams 7) Change Organizational behavior - is the study of individuals and groups within an organizational context, and the study of internal processes and practices as they influence the effectiveness of individuals, teams, and organizations. Self competency - involves the overall ability to assess your own strengths and weaknesses, asset and pursue professional and personal goals, balance work and personal life, and engage in new learning— including new or modified skills, behaviors, and attitudes. Emotional intelligence - the capacity for recognizing one’s own and others emotions, including self- awareness, self-motivation, being empathetic, and having social skills.
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