Health Behavior Theory

326 heaney why what and how why guide search for

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Unformatted text preview: n & Heaney, 1992, p. 326). Heaney, Why, What and How Why, Guide search for reasons that behaviors occur Guide reasons Help pinpoint what you need to know before Help what planning programs planning Provide insight into how you shape programs to Provide insight reach people and organizations reach Help identify what should be monitored, Help identify measured and/or compared in evaluation measured compared Explanatory Theory Explanatory Explanatory theories help describe factors influencing behavior and why factors the behavior exists. They provide a the They framework for determining modifiable determining factors like knowledge, attitudes, factors perceptions, social support and lack of resources. Change Theory Change Change theory guides the development of health promotion interventions. These of These theoretical constructs can be translated into program strategies and communication messages. communication Good Theory Good Generalizability – applicable across Generalizability diverse venues, populations and social environments environments Testability – open to falsification through Testability directly de...
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