Health Behavior Theory

Directly theory is the bridge theory behavioral and

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Unformatted text preview: rived testable hypotheses. directly Theory is the Bridge Theory Behavioral and Social Science theory serves Behavioral as bridge between biomedical technology and application of these advances. and Biomedical advance Biomedical vaccine, medical procedure, medication, etc vaccine, Behavioral & social Behavioral science theory science Use of biomedical advances by population Introduction to Theories & Models: Key Terms Introduction Concept - primary elements of theories Construct - a concept developed, created, or adopted for use with a specific theory or Variable - the operational (practical use) form of a construct form Model - is a subclass of theory; “draws upon a number of theories to help people understand a specific problem in a particular setting or context” (Glanz, Lewis, & Rimer, 1997, p. 24) 1997, Definition of terms Definition Concepts - building block of theory, primary elements elements Constructs - concepts developed or adopted for use in a particular theory, have specific and technical meaning technical Vari...
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