Determinants of Health

Behind cdc latest data march 2006 shows us behind 28

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Unformatted text preview: 8 other CDC countries countries Life expectancy is substantially different among Life different groups in US different Women outlive men by 6 years African American women life expectancy higher than white African men men Those with income of >/= $25,000 live 3-7 years longer than Those those with <$10,000 those HP 2010 Quality of Life Quality Global Assessment Healthy Days Years of Healthy Life Not increasing at same rate Not as life expectancy as HP 2010 Health Disparities Health Gender Race or ethnicity Education or income Disability Geographic location Sexual orientation What is Disparity? What Gender Gender Women have a life expectancy at birth of Women 6 years more than men. years Men are 2x more likely than women to Men die of unintentional injuries die HP 2010 Race and Ethnicity Race Differences not Differences explained by current information regarding biologic and genetic characteristics characteristics Believed to be result Believed of complex interaction of: genetic variations, environmental factors and specific health behaviors behaviors HP 2010 Race and Ethnicity Race Infant mortality rate among African Americans Infant (AA) is nearly 2x that of whites. (AA) Heart disease is almost 40% higher for AA than Heart white. white. Hispani...
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