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Determinants of Health

Pain obesity is higher among people with disability

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Unformatted text preview: Many health services. health HP 2010 Geographic Location Geographic 25% of Americans live in rural 25% areas (less than 2,500 people) areas Injury-related deaths are 40% Injury-related higher in rural populations than urban urban Heart disease, cancer, and Heart diabetes rates are higher in rural populations than urban rural Rural residents are less likely Rural than urban residents to get preventive screenings, use seat belts, or exercise regularly regularly Sexual Orientation Sexual Major health issues Major include: include: HIV/AIDS and other HIV/AIDS STDs STDs Substance abuse Depression Suicide Diversity Diversity Represents a range of health Represents improvement challenges improvement Also one of our nations greatest assets Determinants of Health Determinants Biology Behavior Behavior Social Environment Physical Environment Policies and Intervention Access to Quality Health Care...
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