Determinants of Health

Population midcourse review midcourse goal 1 increase

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Unformatted text preview: oal 1: Increase Quality and Years of Healthy Life Goal Increase Life expectancy continues to improve for the Life continues populations that could be assessed in the midcourse review. Women continue to have a longer life expectancy Women than men, and the white population has a longer life expectancy than the black population. Three different measures of healthy life expectancy Three demonstrate gender and racial differences: expected years in good or better health, expected years free of activity limitations, and expected years free of selected chronic diseases. Expected years in good or better health and expected Expected years free of activity limitations increased slightly, and expected years free of selected chronic conditions decreased. Midcourse Review Midcourse Goal 2: Eliminate Health Disparities Substantial disparities between Substantial populations were evident for many Healthy People 2010 objectives Healthy Life Expectancy Life Average life expectancy at birth is 77 years Life expectancy has increased for persons at Life every age group during the past century every Health People 2010 reports US Life expectancy is Health behind at least 18 other industrialized nations. behind CDC latest data (March 2006) shows US behind 2...
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