Determinants of Health

Status however it is still beneficial to change

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Unformatted text preview: tus However, it is still beneficial to change However, behaviors after onset of disease/condition. Helps with disease management and minimizing negative effects. minimizing Health Behavior Health Why study determinants of health Why behavior? behavior? CDC estimates that 50% to 80% of diseases CDC are linked to behavior are Daily habits contribute to development of Daily virtually all major sources of Mortality and Morbidity Morbidity Smith TW, Orleans CT, Jenkins CD 2004 McGinnis JM and Foege WH 1993 Can We Change Behaviors? Behaviors? Only after determinants are understood. Only Made more complex: iincreasing age ncreasing Increasing ethnic and cultural diversity Increasing recognition of disparities in risks and Increasing treatments treatments Hence: No one intervention “cookie cutter approach” will work. It Hence: will require a rich understanding of populations and their experiences as well as proven effective programs. experiences Improvements in Health How are we doing better? are Significan...
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