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Unformatted text preview: IE S PE R CE NTA GE S Exams Q uiz 5% Midte rm 15% Fina l 20% Papers http://oc du/c our se s/lite r a tur e /21l- 011- the - f ilm- e xpe r ie nc e - f a ll- 2012/sylla bus/ 1/3 2/2/2014 Sylla bus | The Film Expe r ie nc e | Lite r a tur e | MI T Ope nCour se W a r e P a pe r 1 15% P a pe r 2 15% P a pe r 3 20% Oral Expression P re se nta tion 5% R e cita tion pa rticipa tion 5% Calen d ar WE E K LE C # TOPICS R E QUIR E D FILMS KE Y DA TE S I. THE SILE NT E R A P orte r, The G re a t Tra in R obbe ry I ntroduction 1 1–2 G riffith, A B e a st a t B a y K e a ton Close re a ding e x e rcise d ue K e a ton, Cops, The G e ne ra l 2 3–4 Cha plin Cha plin, The I mmigra nt, Ea sy S tre e t, Mode rn Time s 3 5–6 Film a s a globa l a nd cultura l form; G e rma n film Murna...
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