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Unformatted text preview: t; 4 69=>)&6,=3(&+$,5,.$3 EX $.=9=>6/=)>n 4 P=.=+*%=>&$8,+$/$3&KM$,$(&0&*+=>$L 4 *>;26C),5/=Z$3&?%&+$.$6($3&=>&*+=>$ E! A.=>=,6.&-=C>( 18,$((=J$&2$9).5(=(] Q 2$96/*+=6 %.))3&=>&*+=>$< Q 2$9)C.)%=>*+=6]&?%&.)(/&=>&*+=>$< 4 6,*/$&/*%*.6+&>$,+)(=(&=(&6&,)99)>&,6*($&)M&3$6/2& )M&6((),=6/$3&:=/2&96W)+&/+6*96<&& P.),@$3&%=.$&3*,/&)+&.=J$+&,6>a/&6%()+%&)+&$8,+$/$& %=.=+*%=>]&&W6*>3=,$I $8,$((=J$&%=.=+*%=> =>&%.))3&,6*($(& (@=>&6>3&(,.$+6&/)&/*+>&5$..):< 2$9).5(=( 6.,)2).=,&.=J$+&3=($6($ C6..(/)>$( E" 4 P.))3&/5;$(&3=(,)J$+$3&U!SX! ED 4 P.))3&%6>@=>C&3$J$.);$3&U!SEX Charles Drew Drew EE `Pd&P.))3&g+)*;( 4 'PA&6>/=C$>(&0&N.6(96&`>/=%)3=$( EF 6>/=%)3=$(&+$.$J6>/&/)&%.))3&/5;$ IgG- cross the placenta 6>/=%)3=$(&/)&'2&%.))3&6>/=C$>& !"#$ %&'()*&+),-&(()+.') /01,'*+1 *+>9$G$l$#$F.558$ *+>9F5890; EG P.))3&B5;=>C CB$K5)$(M$*+>9E0+$9;$)0A5)>08$X9>B$F.558$>1A0$*;$aTHe$ EH 96/,2<<< B5;$ '$,$=J$ g=J$ d d&)>.5 `jl `P `>5 `P&)>.5 ` `&)+&d `&)+&`P P P&)+&d P&)+&`P EO 9=(96/,2<<< ES 6>/=%)3=$(&+$.$J6>/&/)&%.))3&/5;$ IgG- cross the placenta 6>/=%)3=$(&/)&'2 %.))3& 6>/=C$>& !"#$ %&)*&+),-&(()+.') /01,'*+1 6>/=&`&0&P&%.))3& 6>/=%)3=$( FX '2&KoL&6>/=%)35 o=MM$+$>/&M+)9&`&6>3&P&6>/=%)35 =L&,6>&,+)((&/2$&;.6,$>/6.&%6++=$+ ==L&'2 6>/=%)3=$(&6+$&)>.5&;+$($>/&`TB1'&$8;)(*+$& /)&'2 6>/=C$> F! F" ?$9).5/=,&o=($6($ ;1?A>5?; 40>*.$*+0?9* m*-+89<0 ?9;<*))9*E0 N)0*>?0+> .*;>$>)9?0;>0)$CBH ?5>B0)d;$>*/0$*+>9HCB$*+>9F581$>5$80;>)51$ 40>*.$CB$*+>9E0+;$#c_YCc$>B01$<*+$0:5/0$*+$9??-+0$)0;A5+;0; basically you're non-sensitizing the mother, so she really doesn't make that antibodies, FD #2=/$&P.))3&A$..(&K.$*@),5/$(L& 4 #2=/$&P.))3&A)*>/&UE&/)&!!&/2)*(6>3[ \ @0-/5A0+9*$K.5XMJ$9??-+0$8049<90+<1$ M $9 @0-/5<1>5;9;$KB9EBM ;.9EB&g...
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