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Unformatted text preview: *9)+ .$*@)&I :2=/$& I)(=( 6%>)+96.& ,)>3=/=)>, I;6/25& 3=($6($ 96,+)&I .6+C$& >$;2+)&I @=3>$5& ;6>&I 6..& ;$+=&I 6+)*>3& ;2.$%&I J$=>& ;>$*9)&I .*>C& N).5&I 96>5& /6,25&I +6;=3& /2+)9%)&I ,.)/& I;$>=6& 3$,+$6($ I;26C=6& $6/=>C I;2)%=6& M$6+& I;/)(=( ;+).6;($7&M6..=>C I(,.$+)(=(& 26+3$>=>C& I(/6(=( (/);;6C$ I(;6(9& =>J).*>/6+5& ,ontraction H P.))3 4 P.))3&=(&6&connective tissue tissue Q .=R*=3&96/+=8&K;.6(96L Q ,$..(&K$<C<7&'PA7&#PAL Q ,$..&M+6C9$>/(&K;.6/$.$/(L \ !B1;9<*.$!)5A0)>90;J ?5;>.1$X*>0) :5.-?0$]&^$F581$X09EB>$K/EM AI$]$&6P 'HR$@ PH'$@ O T*>,/=)>(&)M&%.))3 4 B+6>(;)+/ Q C6($(7&>*/+=$>/(7&:6(/$(7&(=C>6.=>C&9).$,*.$( 4 '$C*.6/=)> Q ;?&KUH<EL7&)(9).6+=/57&/$9;$+6/*+$&KUDOVAL7& M.*=3&.)((&6/&(=/$&)M&=>W*+5< 4 N+)/$,/=)> Q =9;)+/6>/&,)9;)>$>/&)M&=99*>$&(5(/$9 S -/+*,/*+$&)M&P.))3 4 Plasma KEGIGDYL& Q .=R*=3&;6+/&)M&%.))3 4 Formed Elements KDHIFEYL Q ,$..(&K'PA7&#PAL Q ;.6/$.$/(&K,$..&M+6C9$>/(L !X !! A)9;.$/$&P.))3&A)*>/&KAPAL 4 '$3&P.))3&A$..( Q >*9%$+7&(=Z$&6>3&2$9)C.)%=>&,)>/$>/ 4 #2=/$&P.))3&A$..( Q >*9%$+&0&/5;$( 4 N.6/$.$/( Q >*9%$+ !" !D APA&I '$3&P.))3&A$..( 4 '$3&,$..&,)*>/&EIG&9=..=)>[*\ !E ?$96/),+=/& Y&:2).$&%.))3&J).*9$&,)>/+=%*/$3&%5&M)+9$3&$.$9$>/( ?,/]&EXIFEY&^6.$7&DHIEHY&T$96.$ A6>&6>5)>$&C*$((&:25&9$>& :)*.3&26J$&6&(.=C2/.5&2=C2$+& 2$96/),+=/_& !F `3J6>/6C$(&)M&/2$ %=I,)>,6J$&(26;$ 4 .6+C$&(*+...
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