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Unformatted text preview: Worksheet and Form W-10. Make your entries on these forms, not on this form. Part I Persons or Organizations Providing Care - You must complete this part. Note: You can use Form W-10 to obtain the information below. 1. (a) Care Provider Name (b) Address Street, City, State, ZIP Nice Kids Day Care 567 Prospect St. Lancaster Did you receive dependent care benefits? NO YES (c) ID no. (SSN, EIN) (d) Amount paid in 08 MS 87654 333-33-3555 3,000 Complete only Part II below. Complete Part III on the back next. Caution: If the care was provided in your home, you may owe employment taxes. If you do, you must use Form 1040. See Schedule H and its instructions for details. Part II Credit for Child and Dependent Care Expenses 2. Information about your qualifying person(s). See instrs. if more than 2 (a) Qualifying person's name First Last George Ramsay (b) Social Security number (c) Qualified expenses you incurred and paid in 2008 234-56-7890 3,000 3. Add the amounts in column (c) of line 2. DO NOT enter more than $3,000 for one or $6,000 for two qualifying persons . . . ....
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