I went back to looking under the hood of the car and

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Unformatted text preview: never seen so much blood. . . . I went through four plastic surgeries and had the very best doctors. . . . They made me even better than before. [When I found out later] I was amazed that Melissa tried to take the bullet for me. . . . So little Lisa May’s coming out wasn’t so great at first. Lack of training on my mother’s part, I guess. Nine months later I was healed up from all the surgeries, and my lover became obsessed with protecting me. . . . I was so in love with her, she treated me like a princess. . . . I took care of the home and the small yard. I grew fresh vegetables and herbs so I could cook fresh stuff for Melissa whenever possible. Lisa May and Melissa spent as much time together as they could. But their happiness would not last long. [Melissa] and some TG friends of ours decided to go to Ensenada, Mexico, in our friends’ RV. I was so happy; it just couldn’t get any better. We went horseback riding, I snorkeled a little, and got sunburned, but it was like a honeymoon for us. On the third night, Melissa and the others got really drunk and ran out of booze. So little Lisa May offered to drive to town and get some more liquor. [Lisa May does not drink.] It was really late, but someone said [the stores] would most likely be open. I was dressed in a really nice yellow sundress as it was warm there. . . . So I got the car keys and drove to town. I didn’t realize it was so late. When I got [to Ensenada], the town was closed up, nothing was open. So, because I had said I’d bring the booze back, I thought, well Tijuana wasn’t that far off, and 84 Between XX and XY they’re open all night. So off I went, singing to the music and happy as I could get. I was driving for about twenty or thirty minutes when the car started to sputter and then quit. I pulled over to the side of the highway . . . got out of the car and popped the hood and was leaning over the engine when a truck pulled up and stopped. . . . I thought they were the Federales. I waved them I was fine, and they drove down the road. I went back to looking under the hood of the car and suddenly I felt a horrible pain shoot into my head and down my body. I didn’t pass out, but I fell to the ground, and I heard several voices in Spanish yelling and whooping it up as they kicked me without mercy everywhere. After what seemed like forever they tore my dress into pieces. I tried to hold onto the pieces of material but they were still kicking me and such. At this point Lisa May’s assailants realized that Lisa May was not exactly the girl they had expected her to be. That incensed them. They threw her into the back of the truck and drove off. They stopped finally, and I knew I was going to die then and be buried out there somewhere. They pulled me out of the truck and took me and took me and took me all night long. I don’t remember when I passed out for the last time, but I do remember they beat me ruthlessly all that night. . . . At some point with my face so swollen I couldn’t see any longer, it seemed to be getting light out. I heard, I think, their truck doors open and close and their motor start up. Then, one of them walked up behind me, I think, and pulled my head back. I opened my eye then and saw a knife going in front of my face, and he slit my throat, and threw my body on the ground. I felt as if I were floating in the air. I think I woke up several times that day, but I could not move. . . . I felt my well Where Our Sexes Come From 85 of life draining out of me. I prayed to God to end this torture and take me home. . . . A while after it got light, I heard voices saying here she is, and a girl came up to me and turned me over. I opened my eye and thought the angels finally decided to bring me home. She said “be still” and tried to give me water. . . . I don’t know or remember how I got to the San Diego hospital, but that’s where I woke up, with IVs in me, and tied down. I really tried to freak out then, but I couldn’t move my body. Lisa May spent eleven days in the hospital. The doctors wanted her to stay longer, but she couldn’t stand another day. She wanted little to do with Melissa just then, and that, coupled with the horrible things Lisa May had suffered, broke Melissa’s heart. For a month Lisa May kicked around depressed, blaming herself for what had happened to her, hating God for having made her what she was. And then Lisa May tried to kill herself with pills. All that got her was a week on the psych ward. After the rape, Lisa May couldn’t stand for anyone to touch her. No one was ever accused of the crime. No one besides Lisa May and her friends knew what had happened to her that night. Lisa May continued to spiral deeper into depression and stopped speaking. Several weeks later she checked into a Buddhist retreat for a three-month stay. Melissa visited her there, but still Lisa May would not speak. I just sat there, staring off into heaven. [Melissa] had gotten so depressed . . . no matter how hard she tried she couldn’t...
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