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Unformatted text preview: on of issues related to disorders of sexual development including, but not limited to, androgen insensitivity syndrome, congenital adrenal hyperplasia, Klinefelter syndrome, Turner syndrome, and several others as well as general forums for discussion of any issues related to DSDs. DSD Guidelines This project of the Consortium on Disorders of Sex Development offers two monographs related to DSDs: Clinical Guidelines for the Management of Disorders of Sex Development in Childhood and Handbook for Parents. These monographs have been produced by a consortium consisting mainly of: (1) clinical spets with experience helping patients with DSDs; (2) adults with DSDs; and (3) family members (especially parents) of children with DSDs. This site also offers several links to support groups and portraits of individuals with DSDs. A support forum that encourages all involved, including parents of children with Turner syndrome, Klinefelter syndrome, androgen insensitivity syndrome, congenital adrenal hyperplasia, and 5-alpha reductase. The organization is run by those who themselves have the conditions and believes in positive reinforcement for better education. Resources 185 Intersex Society of North America A comprehensive site that contains a wealth of information about the character of intersex, several personal stories, their recommendations for assessing and dealing with health issues related to disorders of sexual development, tips for parents, a teaching kit to accompany undergraduate courses that discuss intersex, and links to a comprehensive list of support groups. Organization Intersex International—USA (OII-USA) The U.S. affiliate of the Organisation Intersex International, a nonprofit organization incorporated in Quebec, Canada. OII-USA devotes itself to preventing genital mutilation, medicalization, and normalization without consent and offers another face to intersex lives and experience by highlighting the richness and diversity of intersex identities and culture. According to this site, OII is the largest intersex organization in the world. A partial list of their offerings includes: Official Positions, FAQ on Intersex, FAQ About OII, Brochures, Medical Information, Online Support Group, Condition Specific Support Group, Fact Sheet on DSD Activism, Why Is OII Not Using the Term “DSD,” and Intersexuality in the Family. ParentsInX.Org An online community connecting families living with congenital gender variations. This site offers several different forums for discussion of issues related to different genetic conditions including Klinefelter syndrome and Turner syndrome, and offers a handbook for parents written by parents. 186 Resources Books Dreger, Alice Domurat. Hermaphrodites and the Medical Invention of Sex (Cambridge, MA: Harvard University Press, 2000). Dreger, Alice Domurat, ed. Intersex in the Age of Ethics (Hagerstown, MD: University Publishing Group, 2000). Laqueur, Thomas. Making Sex: Body and Gender from the Greeks to Freud (Cambridge, MA: Harvard University Press, 1990). Preves, Sharon E. Intersex and Identity: The Contested Self (Piscataway, NJ: Rutgers University Press, 2003). People Nicky Phillips Contact Person for Androgen Insensitivity Syndrome: Canada A contributor to this book and a woman with androgen insensitivity syndrome, and a resource for information about AIS and for individuals seeking information or help. Of all the people I interviewed, only Nicky offered me her address and phone number as a resource for helping others. I am most grateful to her for that. #17, 3031 Williams Road, Richmond, BC, Canada V7E 1H9 Telephone: (604) 274-9630 Index ACTH hormone, 69 Adam, 144; as first androgyne, 25 adrenal androgens, 56–57, 69, 99 adrenal glands, 99; and hormones, 56; and human sexual development, 56 Africa, 100 Agni, Lord, 143. See also Ardhanarishwar; Bhairava; Nataraja; Shiva the Divine; Vishnu Alaniz, Dorothy Maree, 68, 70. See also Kailana Sidrandi Alaniz; Rudolph Andrew Alaniz Alaniz, Kailana Sidrandi, 68–69, 71; and gender identity disorder (GID), 72–74; as hermaphrodite, 70, 73. See also Dorothy Maree Alaniz; Rudolph Andrew Alaniz Alaniz, Rudolph Andrew: congenital adrenal hyperplasia (CAH) of, 69; as hermaphrodite, 69; mosaicism of, 68. See also Dorothy Maree Alaniz; Kailana Sidrandi Alaniz Albright, Fuller, 62 Alexander the Great, 10 alyha, 148–51 anaphase lag, 62 De Re Anatomica (Columbus), 19, 20 androgen insensitivity syndrome (ASI), 106, 133; as complete, 103–5, 107, 119, 121, 135–36; as partial, 103–4, 107, 121, 133; as sex reversals, 109. See also pseudohermaphrodites androgens, 31, 69 androgyne: social order, as threat to, 26–27 androgyny, 26 androstenedione, 31, 56–57, 99 Aphrodite, 25–26 Archives of Childhood Diseases, 157 187 188 Index Ardhanarishwar, 143–44. See also Bhairava; Lord Agni; Nataraja; Shiva the Divine; Vishnu arginine vasotocin (AVT) neuropeptide, 113 Aristotle, 9, 11; sex, views on, as...
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