Astro jeunesse spreads out their advertising across

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Unformatted text preview: category, it means that this brand has the most selection out of all mentioned brands. • Good source of folic acid: Essential to avoid strokes and coronary disease, and high calcium content, and very low caloric content (50 calories per single serving). • Value for price: 20 containers for $6.77, while no other competitor has a similar amount and price available. Yoplait Source Weaknesses • Expensive tub price: $2.97 for 650g container • Smallest advertising budget means that they have lower numbers of consumer reach. • Company produces a significant amount of products for youths, and brand equity is potentially high among them. Unique Selling Propositions: Astro Jeunesse A yogurt that will lower the cholesterol levels of the consumer and strengthens their body’s natural defences. 17 | P a g e Yoplait Source A yogurt brand that provides eight reasons that set it apart from the competition, and which help a consumer’s well being, health, and even mood (by the taste). Advertising: The competing brands are both advertising on television, just as Activia does. Yoplait Source assigns all of their advertising dollars towards television, which is the same plan that Activia is currently following. Astro Jeunesse spreads out their advertising across many different media, which include newspaper, magazine, radio, and television. Although each of the three companies spends a similar amount on advertising, Astro does the best job at using the most diverse advertising plan. Total Brand Daily Media Company Magazine Newspaper Out of Radio Home Total TV GROUPE DANONE DANONE ACTIVIA YOGURT 4,086,222 0 0 0 0 4,086,222 PARMALAT FINANZIARIA SPA ASTRO JEUNESSE YOGURT 3,161,939 65,613 332,094 0 267,600 2,496,632 YOPLAIT SOURCE YOGURT 2,782,527 0 0 0 0 2,782,527 Class: YOGURT Market/Period: National / 2006 Year Totals AGROPUR COOPERATIVE AGRO-ALIMENTAIRE Nielsen Media Research, 2006 Category: FOOD Slogans: Astro Jeunesse: “Naturally good. Naturally Delicious”27. Yoplait Source: “It’s just so good”28. 27 Parmalat. "Original Balkan Style Organic Yogourt  ­" Home of BioBest, Zer0%, Original, Smooth N' Fruity Yogourt  ­ 2010. Web. 26 Sept. 2010. <>. 18 | P a g e Competitive Advertising: Astro: Lifestyle/Special Offer advertisement that features shots of the product as well as a fit woman performing yoga. The advertisement offers a free yoga mat with four proofs of purchase of Astro yogurt. This offer ensures that the target will consume more yogurts in order to receive the special offer. This advertisement does a good job at linking the product to the lifestyle as it has both elements within the advertisement. Yoplait: Television Advertising: Lifestyle ad featuring a classy woman dancing around men...
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